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Dollar Weed Control - 17lbs 5K
Dollar Weed Control - 17lbs 5K
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Below is a list of articles with the most recent ones listed first.
Botany 101 - Fruits & Seeds Topic: Miscellaneous Articles
Seeds - consist of an outer coat or wall, which is usually very tough, hard, or woody, within which are cotyledons and the embryo. Seeds normally have just one embryo, but sometimes have more than one, as Citrus spp. (citrus) and Mangifera indica (mango), which results in two or more new plants growing from one seed. Seeds are developed as a result of the fertilization of the egg in the ovule of the ovary of a flower. Typically seeds are oval or globular and range in size from dust-like orchid s...
Growing Perennials Topic: Miscellaneous Articles
Perennials are flowering plants that live many years, but die back during their dormant season which is usually winter. Perennials will grow and prosper for years, often with little attention. Each perennial has a peak season of bloom, usually lasting from one to three months. After the blooms fade, the foliage remains so the plant can renew its energy stores for repeating the show again next year.
Growing Annuals Topic: Miscellaneous Articles
Most of the flowering bedding plants sold during Florida's Fall, Winter, and Spring are annuals. Annuals usually bloom continuously for months and are then killed by the increasing heat and humidity as we pass into Summer. They are often used as companion plants to perennials or bulbs (which bloom for a much shorter period). If you want a lot of Fall, Winter, and Spring color in your garden, be sure to include plenty of annuals in flower beds and in containers. Although they must be replaced eac...
Eleven Lawn Mower Care Tips Topic: Miscellaneous Articles
Fresh Gas -- Fresh gas (87 or higher octane rated) is critical to an engine's performance. To fill the mower's tank, use a clean funnel to draw gasoline from either a one- or two- gallon gas can. Plastic gas cans are a good choice because they won't rust. If you own a five-gallon gas tank, dispose of it properly; the problem with a five- gallon can is that it provides the user with more than a 30-day fuel supply. Gas that is older than 30 days may affect engine performance. Moisture buildup and ...
Nutrients for Plants Topic: Miscellaneous Articles
The performance of your plants is directly related to the degree of the fertility of your soil. Like humans, plants require certain elements to grow well and to remain healthy. Below is a list of elements essential for plant growth. On the right are some sources from which plants may receive these elements.
Displaying 16 to 20 (of 38 articles) Result Pages: [<< Prev]   1  2  3  4  5 ...  [Next >>] 
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